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Avail Carbon Brush, Highly Versatile Electromagnetic Clutches And Brakes, Slub-O-Generator, etc. 
About Us

Inaugurating a business is easy if one has adequate funds and requisite resources. The real struggle is to survive in the market and win the hearts of customers. It is more than challenging to gain a wide client base and earn client loyalty in the highly competitive market. We, B E A Electronics, have successfully attracted a huge number of customers and come this far. Our glorious success is the result of strong leadership skills, excellent business sense, high-quality array of products, customer-driven approach and many other unmatched attributes.

Since 1984, we have been maintaining our reputed image as a manufacturer and supplier of Power Efficient Electromagnetic Clutches And Brakes, Carbon Brush, Simple Construction Electromagnetic Clutches And Brakes, etc. Robust construction, excellent performance, durability, etc., are factors because of which the demand of our products is high in the market.

When we go through the reviews and feedback received from clients, we swell with pride to see that not even a single client has been dissatisfied with us so far. The positive response from our customers motivates us to give our best at work every day and manufacture products with enthusiasm.

Focused on Improvement

We believe that for all organizations, improvement is necessary as it can foster problem-solving, innovation and creativity. Although improvement might appear spontaneous to some customers but it is never like that. Improvement calls for deliberate processes, judicious use of resources and an urge to accomplish goals in the face of any challenge. We at B E A Electronics organize many workshops that are a part of our improvement process where our professionals learn new skills, get a better idea of market trends, etc. The way our company focuses on making continuous improvements is one of the major reasons helping us maintain a strong foothold in the market.

Why Prefer Us?

A customer must know why to join hands with a particular company before placing an order. It is not just about investing money but time and effort as well. In the below points, we have briefly listed some attributes of our entity so that buyers can get an idea why we are considered a worthy business destination:

  • We deliver the right value of money in the form of quality assured products including Carbon Brush, Power Efficient Electromagnetic Clutches And Brakes, Simple Construction Electromagnetic Clutches And Brakes, etc.
  • We never dishearten our clients as we strongly believe in the well-known old saying that the customer is God.
  • We always meet the deadlines given by buyers and never tolerate delay in any process.
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Texcarb carbon brush
Application - Industrial, Material - Electro Graphite, Metal Graphite, Bronze Graphite, Copper Graphite, Brand -Texcarb, Material Type - Carbon, Terminal - Thimble
Carbon Brush for Techogenerator
Article - FE554001-025S048S, Usage/Application - Industry, Material - Silver Graphite, Terminal - Thimble
Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake
Electromagnetic clutches and brakes operate electrically, but transmit torque mechanically. This is why they used to be referred to as electro-mechanical clutches or brakes.